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PT001 United (also listed as 'Untitled')
remix of Throbbing Gristle track "Godstar"[?]
[apparently only 400 were pressed]
PT002 Secret Knowledge feat. Wonder "Ooh Baby"
Needs,Watkins,Schneider,Lane,Wobble, produced by Kris Needs & Ben Watkins, BASS Thanks to Jah Wobble
this1 vocals mix
that1 drums mix
that2 dreams mix
PT003 SYT (Shave Yer Tongue) "Pleasure"
a1 Pleasure
b1 Pleasure Dub
b2 Breathless
PT004 Musical Science "Musical Science"
Written and produced by Ian Halsall
this side Musical Science
that side Squelch Mix
PT005 Waxworth Industries "Take The Book"
Written and produced by Austin/Charlett
that side1 Take The Book
this side1 Take The Book (Deeper and Deeper)
this side2 Take The Book (DMX Mix)
PT006 Jack of Swords "Vegagod"
Written by Bruno Catala
vocal side Vegagod (Harlem Mix)
trance side Vegagod (Cool as Ice Mix)
PT007 Secret Knowledge "Sugar Daddy"
all tracks by Needs/Wonder
a1 Sugar Daddy
aa1 Sugar Daddy Blue
aa2 Sugar Daddy (Radio Edit)
[A remix 12" of Sugar Daddy was available on the German MFS label, featuring remixes by Spaceteddy and Paul Van Dyk]
PT007R Secret Knowledge "Sugar Daddy remixes"
a Sugar Daddy (Out of our Brains on the 5.15 Mix) (remix and additional production by Disco Evangelists)
aa Sugar Daddy (Sugar Caned Mix) (remix by Needs, additional production and mixing by Jagz and Burns)
PT008 Corridor "Element"
that1 Element
this1 Flowing
this2 X
PT009 Sabres of Paradise "Smokebelch II"
a1 Smokebelch II (entry)
b1 Smokebelch II (exit)
PT009R Sabres of Paradise "Smokebelch II (remix)"
a1 Smokebelch II (David Holmes Remix)
b1 Smokebelch I (Flute Mix)
PT010 Blue "Four of Seven"
Written and produced by Darking/Man
a City Lights
b Measure
c Common Prayer
d Lek 1
PT011 Slack "Painkiller"
Written and produced by Drake/Whalley
a1 Painkiller
b1 Blade
PT012 Conemelt "Crash Bang and Wallop"
Written and produced by Conemelt
a1 Crash
a2 Bang
b1 Wallop
PT013 Sabresonic T-Shirt
PT014 The Sabres of Paradise "Theme"
Written, produced and mixed by The Sabres of Paradise
a1 Theme
b1 Return of Carter
b2 Edge 6
PT014R Underdog vs. Sabres featuring Dominic "Theme"
10" remix of PT014--additional remixing by The Underdog
a1 Underdog vs.Sabres featuring Dominic
b1 Version
PT015 Technova "Tantra"
Written and produced by David Harrow, additional production and remix by Innersphere
a1 Tantra
b1 Tantrum (Innersphere Mix)
PT015R Technova "Tantra"
additional production and remixes by Innersphere
a1 Tantra (West of Frankfurt Mix)
b1 Tantra (East of Detroit Dub)
PT016 Flash Faction "Repoman"
Written by Davies, Johnson, Johnstone. A version entitled "Repoman Returns" also appeared on Select Magazine's April'94 cassette 'Secret Tracks'
a1 Repoman
b1 Repodub
PT017 Jack of Swords "The Box"
all tracks written by Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker, Abnett and Catala. a1 is a remix of The Velvet Undergrounds "The Gift"
a1 The Box
b2 The Box (the Blackangel's Death Mix)
WB001 Waxworth Industries "Roy Revisited"
That Side: i/ Roy Revisited
ii/Roy Revisited (inst)
This Side:
i/ Tinkles Bubbles + Tricksy Bits
ii/ Tinkles Bubbles + (Patch Hops) Tricksy Bits
WB002 Blue "Internal"
all tracks written and produced by Darking/Mann
a1 Internal
a2 Internment
b1 Internalized
b2 The Creator Speaks

Deep Cuts SOPLP1 Deep Cuts - A Sabres Of Paradise compilation
Secret Knowledge
Waxworth Industries
Musical Science
Waxworth Industries
Jack Of Swords
Secret Knowledge
Sabres Of Paradise
Ooh Baby
Roy Revisited
(Home Economix)
Take The Book
Vegagod (Vegatrance Mix)
Sugar Daddy
Smokebelch II

Septic Cuts ffrr 828 539-2
SOPLP5 Septic Cuts - A Sabres of Paradise Compilation

Secret Knowledge
Sabres Of Paradise
Musical Science
Jack Of Swords
Sugar Daddy
Smokebelch II (David Holmes mix)
Musical Science (Home Economix II)
Vegagod (Vegatrance Mix)
Crash, Bang

Tantric Steps SOPLP2 Technova "Tantric Steps"
written and produced by David Harrow

a1 Fema
a2 Delta
b1 Hydra
b2 Tetra
b3 Data (poem by Stripe P.O.T.M.)
c1 Tantra (Supa Nova + Mix)
d1 Shinobu
d2 Irezume
d3 Plateau

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