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SR001 Voodoo People
- good1 Altitude (Malana Edit)
- evil1 Glory Boys
- evil2 Love, Love, American Style
SR002 The Cause
- a1 Charged
- b1 Through the Floor
SR003 Inky Blacknuss "Blacknuss"
Written and produced by Alex Knight, Ian Tregoning, and Andie (Parker)
- a1 Alexathon Mix
- a2 Trego Crush Mix
- b1 Andience Mix
SR004 Innersphere
Written and produced and mixed by David Hedger and Lindsay Edwards
- inner side: Lets Go To Work (Innersphere Mix)
- outer side: Lets Go To Work (Live at the Pianosphere)
SR005 The Rabbettes
First released as a limited single, later given full release--all profits from this record donated to Cambridge Cavu Trust, an anti-vivisection Charity
- a1 Bunny New Guinea Pig (Ears in the Air Mix)
- b1 Bunny New Guinea Pig (Shuffle Dub)
SR006 Sabrettes T-Shirt
SR007 Inky Blacknuss
Written and produced by Alex Knight, Ian Tregoning and Andie (Parker)
- a1 Drumulator
- b1 Desolator
SR008 Pyrex Detox "Temple Trax EP"
Written, produced and mixed by Pyrex Detox except b2 written produced and mixed by Pyrex Detox & DJ Donotask
- a1 Orbit-1
- a2 Quadrafunk
- b1 Alpha FX
- b2 Guitambience
SR009 Innersphere
Written and produced by Hedger/Edwards
- and why not side: Vernal Equinox
- if you dare side: Infernal Aftershock
SR010 Sapiano "Spike It!"
Written and produced by Tony Sapiano. Remix on b1 by Andy Weatherall and David Hedger
- a1 Spike It!
- b1 Spike It! (Lords of Afford Mix)
SR011 Sabrettes T-Shirt
SR012 Innersphere
Written by Hedger/Edwards, produced by Innersphere
- a1 Necronomicon
- b1 Biomechanoid
SR012R Innersphere "Necronomicon Remixes"
Written by Hedger/Edwards
- a1 remix and additional production by Sabres of Paradise (Weatherall, Kooner and Burns)
- b1 remix and additional production by David Holmes)
- a1 Sabres of Paradise Mix
- b1 Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix
SR014 Sabrettes Tartan (Garment)
SR015 Sapiano
Written and produced by Tony Sapiano.
Additional production and remix on b2 by Daz Sound and Trevor Rockcliffe
(dedicated to the memory of James Dickens)
- a1 Maniak
- b1 Maniak Groove
- b2 Maniak (Black and Brown Remix)
SR016 Chelsea Grin
Written and produced by Anna Haigh and Angela Matheson, programmed and engineered by Nathalie at Butterfly
- a1 Face Lifter
- b1 Face Lifter (A Movin' & A Groovin' in the Morgue Mix)
SR017 Pyrex Detox
Written, produced and mixed by Pyrex Detox
- a1 The Bells of Induction
- a2 Boomy Bonus
- b1 The Deepest Freaks
- b2 2 in 1
SR018 Mothra "Insecticide"
Written and produced by Nick Abnett, Bruno Cataloa and Clement Vache
- a1 Green mix
- b1 Yellow mix
- b2 Red mix
SR019 Subculture EP
Written by Subculture (Burrows, Walsh and Litchfield)
- a1 Submission
- b1 Cult Drums
SR020 Sabrettes Jacket (garment)
SR021 Chelsea Grin "Animal Factory"
Written and produced by Anna Haigh and Angela Matheson
- a1 Slicing Machine
- b1 Piggies
SR023 Retribution "Repetitive Beats"
featuring contributions from:
Dave Watts (Fundamental); Lol Hammond, Charlie Hall, Kim Lewis, and Annabel Simmons (Drum Club); Youth (Killing Joke); Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy (System 7)
(mixed and produced by the Drum Club, engineered by Kim Lewis, recorded at Butterfly Studios)
- a1 'lets 'ave it mix' (Main Master Mix)
- a2 No Interference Mix (Charlie)
- b1 Kill the Bill Mix (Lol)
- b2 The Outback Excursion Mix (Kim)
SR023R Retribution "Repetitive Beats" Remixes
Remix and Additional production:
- a1 Primal Scream (Sidelnyk, Gillespie, Innes, Young) Engineered by Sheldon
- a2 Secret Knowledge (Needs) Engineered by Kim Lewis
- aa1 Lords of Afford (Weatherall/Hedger)
- aa2 On-U Sound (Adrian Sherwood/Skip McDonald) Vocals by Bim Sherman, Little Axe. Engineered by Andy Montgomery
- a1 Repetitive Beats Know Your Rights
- a2 Repetitive Beats Take No Prisoners
- aa1 Repetitive Beats Wasteland Britain
- aa2 Repetitive Beats Mind and Movement Control
SR024 Innersphere "Out Of Body"
- a1 Out of Body" (Original) "Taken from the lp/cd Outerworks"
- b1 Out of Body" (Andrew Weatherall Remix) "Remix and additional production by Andrew Weatherall
SR024R Innersphere "Out Of Body Remixes"
- a1 Out of Body" (O.J. Sinbad) "Remix and additional production by The Orb and A. Hughes)
- b1 Out of Body" (Quad-3) "Remix and additional production by David Hedger"

Innersphere "Out Of Body CD Single"
-Out of Body (Radio Edit) by The Wicked Witch of Westbourne Park (Annie Nightingale?)
-Out of Body (Original Mix)
-Out of Body (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Engineered by Mr. Anal Og' Maggot of Country Limerick, S. Ireland
-Out of Body (Quad -3) by David Hedger
-Out of Body (Log ital) Remix by the Orb & A. Hughes
SR026 Turbulent Force "Distorted Fantasy"
Written by Alex Handley and Mark Stephenson
- a1 Distorted Fantasy (the Sunday Lunch mix)
- aa1 3:54 AM (Turbulent Force vs. Shadow Company mix)
SR029 Slab "Sonic Grudge"
Written & produced by Lol Hammond and Nina Walsh
- a1 The Flying Vimanas Mix
- b1 Radio Edit
- b2 Roswell Rockers Mix
SRO29R Slab "Sonic Grudge Remixes"
Written & produced by Lol Hammond and Nina Walsh
Titled: Sonic Grudge Remixes, The Two Lone Swordsmen's Fourth Mission
- a1 Sonic Grudge (Vox)
- b1 Sonic Grudge (No Vox)
WB023 Slab "Red 4 (Skin)"
pressed on red vinyl
-Red 4 (skin) Hicks Mix
-Red 4 (skin) Dark Clave Mix
-Red 4 (skin) Goat Boy Skank Mix

Pink Me Up SBR001 "Pink Me Up" A Sabrettes Compilation

Innersphere - Lets Go To Work
Voodoo People - Altitud (manala edit)
Sapiano - Spike IT!
The Rabettes - Bunny New Guinea Pig (ears in the air)
Innersphere - Vernal Equinox
The Cause - Through the Floor
Pyrex Detox - Quadrafunk
Inky Blacknuss - Blacknuss (alexathon mix)
Pyrex Detox - Guitambience

Outerworks SBR002 Innersphere "Outerworks"
Written by David Hedger/Lindsay Edwards

Out of Body
Toys In The Attic
Lets Go to Work
Mine Drift
Infernal Aftershock
Tuberculosis 303
3750 Miles
Out of Body (Reprise)

Live In Iceland SBR003 The Drum Club "Live In Iceland"

Oscillate & Infiltrate
Follow The Sun
Crystal Express
Plateau Of Wolves
U Make Me Feel So Good

[ some vinyl copies come along with Limited Edition 12" Mixes of Alchemy ]
A: Alchemy 95 (Magick vs Beat City Mix)
B: Alchemy 95 (I dream of electric beep mix)

101 303 808 SBR004 101 + 303 + 808 = Now Form A Band

Turbulent Force - Metamorphic Structures
Point Alpha - Alpha Acid
THD - Steel Mill
THD - Spaldang
Pod - Mollusc
Turbulent Force - Timer
Point Alpha - Data Blast
Psyche - Street Stomper
Pod - Geodesic Dome
Lords of Afford - Do Laugh (Whitey Part 4)
Psyche - Arenalin Rush

Pink n Poisonous SBR005 Various - Pink 'n' Poisonous "Pink me up (The Final Chapter) - A Sabrettes Compliation
Mixed by Tony Sapiano

retribution - repetitive beats
decal - sense
pyrex detox - the bells of induction
inky blacknuss - drumulator
pyrex detox - 2 in 1
subculture - cult drums
innersphere - biomechanoid
thd - spaldang
turbulent force - void com pt1
point alpha - alpha acid
turbulent force - sector 106x
innersphere - out of body (quad -3 remix)
turbulent force - motorway sighn
lords of afford - do laugh (whitey pt 4)
sapiano - maniak
innersphere - out of body (original mix)
Unmixed vinyl version:
a1. retribution - repetitive beats
a2. slab - sonic grudge-vox (two lone swordsmen remix)
b1. clease grin - facelifter (a movin & a grovin' in the morgue mix)
b2. decal - sense
c1. pyrex detox - the bells of induction
c2. inky blacknuss - drumulator
d1. innersphere - biomechanoid
d2. subculture - cult drums
e1. turbulent force - void com pt1
e2. sapiano - poundflesh
f1. pod - jerry
f2. sapiano - maniak

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