Back to Basics-Cut the Crap: Andrew Weatherall
Andrew Weatherall has re-invented himself more times than David Bowie. His middle initials should actually be A.K.A. A checkered history which can be traced back to 1977 where young Andrew, punk rocker, would hang round the sleepy royal town of Windsor spitting at people. this antisocial behavior was in complete contrast to his antics ten years later where his much vaunted DJing stints at shoom, (held in an old gymnasium during the Acid House explosion of 1988) which helped him gain a reputation as one of the most exciting and eclectic DJ's around. He championed the Balearic beat and helped kick start a musical revolution. Teaming up with Primal Scream to produce one of the most classic albums of all time. Screamadelica typified the sound of that whole era.
After that came a whole plethora of tunes that were touched by priceless remix work, such as Come Home, My Bloody Valentine, Flowered Up's Weekender and One Dove's Fallen. Four years on, his musical conquests continue to take more twists and turns from panel beating techno through to his minimal dubbed out sound scapes with Mr. Weatherall assuming the moniker of Lord Sabre with the Sabres of Paradise label and subsequent band. Audrey Witherspoon (as he once penned himself) is currently running his new label Audio Emissions Output and is producing work as Blood Sugar and the Two Lone Swordsmen. Re-inventing himself yet again. proving that Andrew is always at the cutting edge of dance music and has certainly shown this in this album. Just listen to what he's created for you aural delight. This is something exceptional. "Chill out"

Network/Six 6/Sony Music Operations--1996
3xCDs in a tin can [other mixes by Ralph Lawson and Derrick Carter]

Lucy and the Mango Man
(Emissions Audio Output)
(Malawi Records)
(China Records)
Indigo, Sabres Remix
(Polygram Records Operations Ltd)
The Kromozones
(New Breed Records)
Jaziac Sunflowers
Magic Flut
(Black on Black Records)
Wagon Christ
(Rising High Productions Ltd)
Nil by Mouth
(Wall of Sound)
Attica Blues
Blue Print, Hawtin Remix
(Polygram Records Operations Ltd)
Aural Expansions
Freeform, Mix Master Morris Mix
(Cramed Discs)
Two Lone Swordsmen
Big Man On The Landing
(Emissions Audio Output)
Two Lone Swordsmen
Smokebelch (for Ali)
(Emissions Audio Output)

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