Lords of Afford
  [Do Laugh (Whitey Part 4)]
   [on Various: 101+303+808=Now form A Band]
       CD: 1995 UK (Sabrettes; SBR004)
     2xLP: 1995 UK (Sabrettes; SBR004)
             7:17  Do Laugh (Whitey part 4)
  [Steve Bicknell: ????]
        [on Steve Bicknell: The Remix EP]
           12": 1997 UK (Cosmic; COS 3.5) [repress; limited x500)]

  [The Moody Boyz: Destination Africa]
        [on Moody Boyz: Recycled for the Environment]
          2xCD: 1995 UK (Crammed Discs/Moody Boyz; SSR 140)
                 10:18  Destination Africa (Electric Forest Version)

  [Retribution: Repetitive Beats]
        [on Retribution: Repetitive Beats Remix EP]
           12": 1994 UK (Sabrettes; SR023R)
           CD5: 1994 UK (Sabrettes; SR023R)
                  8:02  Repetitive Beats - Wasteland Britain (Lords of Afford)

  [Sapiano - Spike It!]
        [on same]
           12": 1994 UK (Sabrettes; SR010)
                        Spike It! (Lords of Afford Mix)

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