Andrew Weatherall - Remixes
  [Airstream: Follow Through]
         [on same]
            12": 1991 UK (One Little Indian; 56 TP 12)
                   7:55  Follow Through (Nine O'Clock Drop Mix)(Andrew 
                         Weatherall Remix)

  [A Man Called Adam: Chrono Psionic Interface]
         [on same]
            12": 1991 UK (Big Life; BLRD 59)
            CD5: 1991 UK (Big Life; BLRD 59)
                   4:46  Chrono Psionic Interface (Spaced Out Mix)
  [Big Hard Excellent Fish: Imperfect List]
         [on same; "Rimming Elvis The Andy Weatherall Way"]
            12": 1990 UK (One Little Indian; 41TP12L)
                         Imperfect List
                         Imperfect List
                         Imperfect List
                 [Quite an economy on track naming there :)]

  [Bumble: West In Motion]
         [on same]
            12": 1992 UK (Mother Records; 12 MUM 37)
                  12:12 West In Motion (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
            12": 1992 UK (Mother Records; 12 MUM 40) [promo]
                   6:54  West In Motion (Fire and Drum Mix)

  [Deep Joy: Fall]
         [on same]
            12": 199x UK (Brainiak Records; ????) [promo]
                   6:18  Fall - Chunky Vocal (A. Weatherall Mix)	
                   7:15  Fall - Let There Be Drums (A. Weatherall Mix) 	

  [Finitribe: 101]
         [on Finitribe: Forevergreen]
            CD5: 1993 US (One Little Indian/Epic; 49K 74433)
                   9:00  101 (Intensity Mix)
         [on An Unexpected Groovy Treat"]
             CD: 1992 UK (One Little Indian; TPLP34CD) 
             CD: 1992 US (One Little Indian/Epic; EK 52846)
                   3:21  101 (Sonic Shuffle Edit)
         [on Finitribe 101"]
            12": 1991 UK (One Little Indian; 54TP12) 
                  3:21  101 (Sonic Shuffle Edit)
                        101 (Sonic Shuffle)
                  9:00  101 (Intensity Mix)

  [Flowered Up: Weekender]
         [on Flowered Up: Weatherall's Weekender]
            12": 1992 UK (Heavenly; HVN16X) 
                  15:30  Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit Partial) 
                  17:10  Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit More Partial) 

  [The Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1992 UK (Jumpin' & Pumpin'; CDS TOT 17)
             7": 1992 UK (Jumpin' & Pumpin'; 7 TOT 17)
                   9:43  Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix) 
         [on Papua New Guinea"]
            12": 1992 UK (Jumpin' & Pumpin'; 12 TOT 17)
                  11:31  Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

  [Galliano: Skunk Funk]
         [on same; The Andrew Weatherall Mixes]
            12": 1992 UK (Talkin' Loud; TLKXR 23)
                         Skunk Funk (Cabin Fever Mix)
                         Skunk Funk (Cabin Fever Dub)
                         Skunk Funk (The Soldiers Mix)
         [on A Thicker Plot"]       
             CD: 1994 UK (Talkin' Loud; 526 426-2) 
                         Skunk Funk (Cabin Fever Mix)
  [The Grid: Floatation]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1990 UK (WEA Records; YZ475CD)
                   4:04  Floatation (7" Version)
                   7:07  Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix)
                   9:47  Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix) 
            12": 1990 UK (East West/WEA; YZ 475T)
                   7:07  Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix)
                   9:47  Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix) 
         [on The Grid: Music for Dancing]
             CD: 1995 UK (deConstruction/BMG; 7432127970-2)
                   9:47  Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix) 

  [Happy Mondays: Hallelujah]
         [on same]
             CD: 1990 UK (Factory; CD 1-349)
         [on Happy Mondays: Madchester]
             CD: 1989 UK (Factory; FAC 242r) 
                   6:27  Hallelujah - Club Mix
                [remix: Paul Oakenfold/Andy Weatherall]

  [Impossibles: The Drum]
         [on same]
             CD: 1991 UK (Fontana; DRUCD 2)
                         The Drum (12" Mix)

  [Innersphere: Out Of Body]
         [on same]
            12": 1995 UK (Sabrettes; SR024)
            CD5: 1995 UK (Sabrettes; SR024)
                  12:26  Out Of Body (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 

  [Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart: Bomba]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1990 UK (Boy's Own Productions/FFRR; BOICD 2)
            12": 1990 UK (Boy's Own Productions/FFRR; BOI???)
                         Bomba (Miles Away Mix)
                         Bomba (Bomba Live)
            12": 1990 UK (FFRR/Island Records; 12JAH1) [promo]
                         Bomba (Nonsonicus Maximus Mix)
                         [Reconstructed and Mixed by Andy Weatherall]

  [Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart: Visions of You (featuring 
  Sinead O'Connor)]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1992 UK (Oval/EastWest; OVAL 103)
            12": 1992 UK (Oval/EastWest; 9031-76254-2)
                  10:23  Visions of You (The Secret Love Child of Hank and 
                         Johnny Mix) 
                   3:30  Visions of You (Pick 'n' Mix 1) 
                   7:15  Visions of You (Pick 'n' Mix 2)

  [James: Come Home]
         [on same]
            12": 1990 UK (Fontana/Phonogram; JIMM 612)
         [on James: She's a Star]
            CD5: 1997 UK (Fontana; JIMDD 16) 
                         Come Home (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
         [on James: Ring The Bells]  
            12": 1992 UK (Fontana/Phonogram; JIM 1112)
                         Come Home (Skunk Weed Skank Mix)

  [Love Corporation: Give Me Some Love]
         [on Dance Stance"]
             CD: 1997 UK (Creation; CRECD191)
                  10:35 Give Me Some Love (The Andrew Weatherall Mix) 
         [on Love Corportation: Keeping the Faith Again]
            12": 1991 UK (Creation; CRECD 115) 
         [on Give Me Some Love"]
            12": 1991 UK (Creation Records; cre 086t)
                         Give Me Some Love
                 [produced by Andy Weatherall]
                         Give Me Some Love 
                 [produced by Love Corporation and Andy Weatherall]

  [Meat Beat Manifesto: Psyche Out]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1990 UK (Mute/Elektra; 9 66579-2) 
            CD5: 1990 UK (Play It Again Sam; BIAS 182R)
            12": 1991 UK (White Label DJ Promo; MUTE ED 5512) 
         [on Versions Galore"]
             CD: 1991 UK (Play It Again Sam; BIAS 192 CD) 
             LP: 1991 UK (Play It Again Sam; BIAS 192 LP) 
                   8:07  Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Stripdown) 
                   7:54  Psyche-Out (Sex Skank Mix) 

  [The Moody Boys: Centre Of The World]
         [on same]
            12": 1992 UK (Love/Polydor Ltd.; EVOLX15)
                  10:35  Centre Of The World (The Potless Mix) 

  [My Bloody Valentine: Glider]
         [on same]
            12": 1990 UK (Creation Records; CRE073TX)
            12": 1990 UK (Creation Records; CRE073X)
                   7:33  Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Mix)

  [New Order: World In Motion]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1990 US (Qwest/Warner Bros; 9 21582-2)
            CSS: 1990 US (Qwest/Warner Bros; 9 21582-2)
            12": 1990 US (Qwest/Warner Bros; 9 21582-2)
            CD5: 1990 UK (Factory/MCA; FAC 293)
            12": 1990 UK (Factory/MCA; FAC 293)
                   5:35  World In Motion (No Alla Violenza Mix)
         [on World In Motion"]
            CD5: 1990 CAN (???; 846 237-20)
                   5:52  World In Motion (Carabinieri Mix)

  [One Dove: Transient Truth]
         [on same]
            12": 1992 UK (London/Boy's Own; BOIXDJ 10) [promo] 
            12": 1992 UK (London/Boy's Own; BOIX 10 (869 839-1))
                   6:55  Transient Truth (LP Version)
                   8:23  Transient Truth (Old Toys Mix (Vocal))
                   8:30  Transient Truth (Old Toys Dub)
         [on same; "The Sabre of Paradise Mixes"]
            12": 1992 UK (London/Boy's Own; BOIXRDJ 10) [promo]
                  10:09  Transient Truth (Paradise Mix) 
                   6:20  Transient Truth (Sabres Fuzz Dub)
                   7:56  Transient Truth (Squelch Mix)
                   8:50  Transient Truth (Death of a Disco Dancer)
  [One Dove: Why Don't You Take Me]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1993 UK (London/Boy's Own; BOCDJ 16) [promo] 
                   3:41  Why Don't You Take Me (Andrew Weatherall Mix) 

  [The Orb: Perpetual Dawn]
         [on Orb: Perpetual Dawn - Ultrabass I)
            12": 1991 UK (Big Life; BLRT 46)
            PIC: 1991 UK (Big Life; ORB PICTURE 3) [Numbered, one-sided promo 
                         picture disc]
                   8:06  Perpetual Dawn - Ultrabass I
         [on Orb In Dub"] 
            12": 1991 UK (Big Life; BLRR 46) 
                   7:10  Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass II)
         [on same]
            12": 1991 US (Big Life/Mercury; 867-547-2)
            CD5: 1991 US (Big Life/Mercury; 867-547-2)
                   8:06  Perpetual Dawn (ultrabass i) 
                   7:10  Perpetual Dawn (ultrabass ii) 

  [Primal Scream: Come Together]
         [on same]
             7": 1990 UK (Creation; CRE 078)
             MC: 1990 UK (Creation; CRE 078)
                   4:45  Come Together (Andy Weatherall Mix)
            12": 1990 UK (Creation; CRE 078T) 
            CD5: 1990 UK (Creation; CRESCD 078)
                  10:17  Come Together (Andy Weatherall Mix-Extended)

  [Primal Scream: Loaded]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1990 US (Sire; 21844-2)
                   7:00  Loaded (Weatherall Mix)

  [Primal Scream: Higher Than The Sun]
         [on same]
            12": 1991 UK (Creation; CRE 096T)
            12": 1991 UK (Creation; CRE 090T)
                   6:20  Higher Than The Sun (American Spring Mix) 

  [Genesis P. Orridge & Psychic TV: Third Siren]
         [on Psychic TV: Sirens (Ultra-Drug Thee Sequel)]
             CD: 1995 US (Cherry Records/Visionary; VICD 005)
                   5:52  Third Siren (Re-United Mix 1)
                   5:56  Third Siren (Re-United Mix 2)
                  11:21  Third Siren (Re-United Mix 3)
                  11:49  Third Siren (Re-United Mix 4)

  [S'express: Find 'em, Fool 'em, Forget 'em]
         [on same]
            12": 1991 UK (Rhythm King Records; SEXY 02TR)
                   7:52  Find 'em, Fool 'em, Forget 'em (The Eighth Hour Mix) 
                 [Sleeve says 'The Eighth Hour Mix', Label says 'The 
                 Eighth Out Mix'] 

  [St. Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1991 US (Warner Bros; 9 40196-2)
                   6:19  Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix In Two Halves) 
         [on Saint Etienne: Too Young To Die singles 1990-1995]
           2xCD: 1995 UK (Creation; HVNLP10CDX) [limited xxx]
         [on St. Etienne: Casino Classics]
           2xCD: 1996 UK (Creation; HVNLP16CD) 
                   8:58  Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall) 

  [Slab: Atomsmasher]
         [on same]
            10": 1995 UK (Hydrogen Dukebox; DUKE 022R) [limited, white vinyl]
                   9:30  Atomsmasher (weatherall mix 1) 
            12": 1995 UK (Hydrogen Dukebox; DUKE 022)
                   9:52  Atomsmasher (weatherall mix 3) 

  [Sly & Lovechild: The World According To Sly & Lovechild]
         [on same]
            12": 1990 UK (Heavenly; HVN 112)
                   8:16  The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Soul Of 
                         Europe Mix)

  [That Petrol Emotion: Abandon]
         [on same]
            CD5: 1990 UK (Virgin; VSCDT 1242)
                         Abandon (Boys Own Mix)
                 [remixed: Andy Weatherall/Terry Farley]

  [West India Company: O Je Suis Seul]
         [on same]
            12": 1990 UK (Editions EG; EDSX 4) ["EGOX50" in runout groove]
                         O Je Suis Seul (Baghwan Boogie Mix) (7:28)
              [remixed: Andrew Weatherall]
                         O Je Suis Seul (Orient Express Mix) (7:38)
              [remixed: Alex Paterson/Andrew Weatherall engineered: Thrash]

  [Word of Mouth featuring Linda Love: What It Is (Ain't Losin Control)]
         [on same]
            12": 1990 UK (Urban/Polydor; Urbx 56)
                         What It Is (Ain't Losin Control) - The Big Bottom 
                         End Mix		

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