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last update: 12 May 1999  
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with occasional info direct from Emissions/RGC. The mailing list is still going strong, 95 subscribers but only a message or two a day. For more details please check out the above link.
Flightpath (US)
sister to Flightpath located at Hyperreal.com, with pictures and mp3s (a few anyway).
being MP3: 3 tracks for your enjoyment
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2LS remix scans: a few anyway
Album - Single
07 Jun: [2LS: rmx] Rae & Christians 'Swansong' (Grand Central Records/GC122)
07 Jun: Two Lone Swordsmen - "Have you ever wondered who writes tabloid's club columns?" (part 1 and 2) - split 7" (Dakota Oak Trio on the b-side) (Slut Smalls/Small 006)
07 Jun 1999: Andrew Weatherall - Live at the Heavenly Social Vol.3 V/A 2CD/3LP New installment in the "Live At The Heavenly Social" series. Volume 3 gives us mixes by two of the club's regular spinners - Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas) and Andrew Weatherall (Two Lone Swordsmen). (tracklisting on the detailed news section) (React Records/React152)
04 May 1999: Red Snapper: 'Making Bones' (Matador/US)
20 Apr 1999: David Holmes: 'This Film's Crap' (2xCD) (1500 Records/US)
29 Mar 1999: Slab: Funked Up Kid (Hydrogen Dukebox/UK)
11 Feb 1999: Anonymous: 7" on C-PIJ described as well-knowns going unknown and doing something they usually don't. According to someone in the know, Mr Weatherall is none of the famous people involved, but he's "not far off..."
14 Jan 1999: Klunk 1: 6 track 12"[2LS alter ego] (Subvert/UK)
12 Apr 1999: Electronic: 'Prodigal Son' on Vivid single 12" [2LS mix] (EMI/UK)
14 Jan 1999: Chiapet: 'Tick Tock' on Tick Tock Remixes 2x12" [2LS mix] (Phonography)
05 Mar 1999: Jega - 'Unity Gain' - Black Commandments by 2LS remixed by JEGA, (Matador/US)
07 Dec 1998: Transient Waves: 'Born with a body...' 12" [2LS mix] (Fat Cat/UK)
FORTHCOMING/RUMOURS all dates tenative
21 Jun: Jega and Kid Spatula: Unity Gain 12" (PLANET MU). "Strictly limited edition clear vinyl split single. 2000 only for the world, in special artwork, split between Jega (Dylan Nathan) and Kid Spatula (Mike Paradinas). Jega: 'Unity Grain' is essentially a remix of a Two Lone Swordsmen track which was due for release on Warp. Kid Spatula: only album to date released by Reflective in the US. A slab of dysfunctional gabba."
22 Jun: Two Lone Swordsmen - 'Stay Down' (could be June) (Matador/US) (with 5 tracks from 'Bag of Blue Sparks')
[2LS: rmx] Kenny Hawke, Primal Scream
WEATHERALL FM: weekly internet radio broadcast! coming soon from RGC!
[2LS] 'Felt Under Pressure' on compilation "Audiophiles 1.1" (Firewire)--apparently in the final stages of production
[2LS] 'Rotters Golf Club' [the original name of 'Felt Under Pressure'?]
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