Finally! The originator of The Aloof and Red Snapper gets some deserved attention. Yes, its very incomplete, but we're working on it...

The Aloof : Agent O
   12": 1994 UK (Flaw; FLAW001)
                Agent O (The Full Rant Mix)
                Agent O (Life's A Gas Mix)

The Aloof : Mind
   12": 1994 UK (Flaw; FLAW002)
                Mind (Vocal Mix)
                Mind (Instrumental)

 : Spirit
   12": 1994 UK (Flaw; FLAW003)
                Spirit (Manifestation Mix)
                Spirit (Mettle Mix)

Red Snapper : Snapper
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 004)

Aberration : If You Lose Your Shadow
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 005)
                If You Lose Your Shadow (Monomania Mix)
                If You Lose Your Shadow (Air People Mix)

Aloof : Society/Drum
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 006)
                Drum (Live Mix)

Red Snapper : Swank
   12": 1994 UK (Flaw; FLAW 007)
                A1 In Deep (co-written by Beth Orton)
                AA1 One Legged Frequency Guy
                AA2 Swank
        [Written and arranged By Red Snapper, produced by Richard Thair and 
        engineered by Tim Holmes at Orinoco]

Ippi Tombei : Fuct
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 008)

Red Snapper : Hot Flush
   12": 1995 UK (Flaw; FLAW 009)
                A1: Hot Flush
                A2: Wesley Don't Surf
                AA: Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise Remix)
        [Written, arranged and produced by Red Snapper, mixed by Red Snapper
        and Tim Holmes. Engineered by Tim Holmes]

Aberration : If You Lose Your Shadow
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 010)
             If You Lose Your Shadow (Original Mix Re-Cut)
             If You Lose Your Shadow (Dan Curtin Mix)
             If You Lose Your Shadow (Majiq Reconstruction)

Queer Cheeba : We Need More Food
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 011)
		A: We Need More Food
		B: More Grub Dub
	   [Written, arranged and produced by Tim Holmes and Ben Chapman]

Michael Forshaw : Aswi/Gag
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 012)

Interspin : Breaking Into A Sweat
   12": 199x UK (Flaw; FLAW 013)
	   [Written, arranged and produced by Dean Thatched and Ricky Barrow,
	   engineered by Dave Hedger]

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