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Internet Audio

XFM: with Andrew Weatherall as part of the London X-Press team! The Weatherall Weekender: a Weatherall tune each hour with a 2 hour mix toward the end.
Pirate Radio: 21 Mar 12 - 1am: Andrew Weatherall vs Cloak and Dagger @ The Cloakroom...again! --lots of funky electro stuff at the beginning and then got more serious with a shot of the Glide! So is Miss Amanda giving away answers to the RGC quiz??!!

Audiophiles Tour 16 October 1999. Broadcast live from WMF Club Berlin. Featuring Andrew Weatherall, Daz Quayle on decks and Silicon Scally live. (sorry no archive) (thanx fraz)
Weatherall @ WMF Club
The Cloakroom 16 November 1999. Cloak & Dagger vs Andrew Weatherall @ Interface Pirate Radio - 3 hours of leftfield tunes and old favorites. (sorry no archive) (thanx haywire)
Weatherall @ Interface
Slow Your Circulation Oddball downtempo stuff from June 98 @ Warp Records.
Rotters Golf Club IDM featuring Gescom, Push Button Objects, Lexanculpt..f*cking amazing stuff.
The Outer Limits 2 sets at recorded 24 April 1999 and 4 December 1999.
Warp Records 10th Birthday @ the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane; available worldwide at Gaialive.
Album & Single
-15-Nov-99 [2LS] 'A Virus with Shoes' and 'Recieve Tactical Support' out now on Warp Records (WAP126/WAP126CD) / (WAP 127)
Remix & Other
-00-xxx-00 [Holmes] promo - I Thought Your 69 Police Claim One More Victim, 12": Living Room/69 Police (69 PRO)
-15-May-00 [2LS rmx] promo - St. Etienne's 'Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)' gets remixed by the 2 Lone Swordsmen
-15-May-00 [2LS rmx] Leftfield's - 'Swords'; visit Leftfield Online for more info and audio clip
-08-May-00 Bloodsugar 5 mix CD in the form of deephouse (Haywire Recordings)
-08-May-00 Andrew Weatherall - Haywire Sessions - 90 min electro mixtape -20 machine funk greats
-24-Apr-00 [2LS rmx] Glide - 'Themes from Grind'--'Theme 2' remixed by The Two Lone Swordsmen (Andy Weatherall & Keith Tenniswood) @ The Rotters Golf Club...
-21-Feb-00 [2LS rmx] Primal Scream - Kill All Hippies (Creation CTP 332) 12"
-01-Feb-00 [2LS rmx] Death In Vegas - Neptune City (Concrete Funk 2) on 'Aisha' (HARD 43CD2) single
-12-Jun-00 David Holmes album "Bow Down to the Exit Sign" is circulating in white label mode.
-12-Jun-00 Death in Vegas. Neptune City. (Concrete) Ltd 1000 Only Remix 12" Inc Weatherall remix (apparently awaiting mr fearless' cover art - thanx andi)
-10-Jul-00 David Holmes single 'Zero Tolerance' (featuring Matina) on Go Discs.
-In The Nursery are currently remixing a Two Lone Swordsmen track! Andrew Weatherall will be DJing support for the In The Nursery at The Foundry, Sheffield University 25th May 2000. Visit the ITN web site at <>
-From the <> Album track and second single, "Ghostdancing", features vocals by Nina Walsh (Sabrettes). Real Audio samples available.
-"watch out for a 4 track ep out on Firewire featuring TLS, Silicon Scally, Fictional Character and Sons Of Slough" (thanx bi-wire/amanda)
-A new 2LS album is finished and reportedly the best work 2LS has done to date.
-Funkstörung have remixed Two Lone Swordsmen--mentioned at <> NOT HAPPENING! From Funkstörung's Michael Fakesch: "we had the offer to remix two lone swordsmen...but unfortunately it never happened :-(" apparently a remix album was planned but was later deemed not possible by the finance boys.
-Rude Solo EP--also just finalized
-Klunk 2...magazine advertistment
-unreleased Deanne Day album - when is it going to be released? "hmmm now there's a question......" - dave harrow
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