Cover the Crime
On A Mission (featuring Ricardo Nicolia)
Agent O
Stuck On The Shelf
Wish You Were Here
One Night Stand
Sabres of Paradise
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Cover The Crime CD: 1994 UK (Flaw Recordings; FLAW LP1) Cover The Crime Circumstances Society Religion Mind Excursion 94 Victim (Version) Too High Sinking CD: 1996 UK (East West; 0530-14584-2) 6:42 Bittersweet 9:50 Stuck on the Shelf 6:10 Abuse 6:22 Wish You Were Here 7:35 Sinking 8:57 One Night Stand 2:24 Space Dust 5:14 Hot knives At Lunchtime 7:23 Losing It 2:38 Sunk 9:06 The Last Stand --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Don't Get Out The Boat 12": 1991 UK (FFRR; ????) ??? ??? The Aloof featuring Zoey Coleman 12": 199x UK (Cowboy; RODEO 1) [DJ promo] Scooter The World As One (Don't Panic Mr. Mainwaring Mix) [Mixed and produced by The Aloof] The World As One (Godfrey Sorts It Out Mix) [Mixed By Paul Schroeder] On A Mission featuring Ricardo Nicolia 12": 199x UK (Cowboy; RODEO 5) [DJ promo] On A Mission (Livingston Mix) On A Mission (Stanley Mix) On A Mission (Excursion 1) On A Mission (Excursion 2) 12": 199x UK (Cowboy; RODEO 5) On A Mission (Livingstone Mix) On A Mission (Stanley Mix) On A Mission (Fabio Paras Remix) Purity 12": 199x UK (Cowboy; RODEO 12) A: Purity (Full Vocal Mix) A2: Purity (Let's Have It) AA: Purity (Junior Style Remix) AA2:Purity (0h Dear Mix) 12": 199x UK (Cowboy; RODEO X12) Purity (Junior Style Disco Dub) [Remix and additional production by T. Farley and P. Heller] Purity (In The Shower Mix) Purity (Deep Mix) [Remix and additional production by K. Hurry and K. Swain] Agent O 12": 1994 UK (Flaw Recordings; FLAW 001) Agent O (The Full Rant Mix) Agent O (Life's A Gas Mix) Mind 12": 1994 UK (Flaw Recordings; FLAW 002) Mind (Vocal Mix) Mind (Instrumental) Victim/Excursion 12": 1994 UK (Flaw/East West; SAM 1630) 12": 1994 UK (????; ????) [green vinyl] 4:04 Victim (Edit) 4:35 Excursion Favelas 12": 1994 UK (East West; YZ930T) Favelas (Sambodromo Mix) Favelas (Novacap Mix) 12": 1994 UK (East West; YZ930TZ) ["Favelas Remixes"] Favelas (Slam Mix) Favelas (Free City Mix) Stuck On The Shelf 12": 1995 UK (East West; EW011T) 9:49 Full Mix 9:03 Magic plants MkI 12": 1995 UK (East West; EWO11TX) ["Stuck On The Shelf Remix"] 8:26 Magic Plants MkII 8:35 Michael Forshaw Remix Wish You Were Here 12": 1996 UK (East West; EW038T) CD5: 1996 UK (East West; EWO38T) Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here (Postcards From The Edge) Bittersweet (Lemon In The Honey - Domestic Mix) Bittersweet (Lemon In The Honey - In House Mix) CD5: 1996 UK (East West; EW083CD1 EW773) ["Wish You Were Here Remixes"] Wish You Were Here (Radio Edit) Wish You Were Here (David Holmes Vocal) Wish You Were Here (Postcards From the Edge) Wish You Were Here (Album Mix) Wish You Were Here (David Holmes Instrumental) One Night Stand CD5: 1997 UK (East West - EW067CD) One Night Stand (7" Version) One Night Stand (The Aloof Get Screamed (Scream Team Remix)) One Night Stand (Baby Fox Remix) One Night Stand (The Long Night And The Samba - Ashley Beedle Mix) Sinking CD5: 1997 UK (EastWes; EW101CD) Sinking (Radio Edit) Sinking (Two Lone Swordsmen House Mix) Sinking (Soul Deep Club Mix) Sinking (Nautical Cosmic Break Mix) Sinking (Album Version)

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